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Skin analysis

Full skin analysis

Full skin analysis addressing all skin types and conditions

For skin analysis in Stamford, PURE Medical Aesthetics has it all. We offer comprehensive services that meet the therapeutic and aesthetic needs of our patients. Ideal for anyonelooking for non-surgical skin tightening, acne treatments, hyperpigmentation, cellulite, and scarring.

Non-surgical facelift

At PURE Medical Aesthetics in Stamford, minimally invasive procedures for smoothing wrinkles and fine lines are available. These treatments are individualized in order to tailorto the needs of the individual patient. Most procedures take only a few minutes and require little or no downtime. Without the need for surgery or anesthesia, these procedures are low cost in comparison. Treatments can be targeted for men and women of any age and can include laser, IPL, microneedling, PRP, and thread lifts.</p/>

Removal of age spots (hyperpigmentation)

Exposure to ultraviolet light, a genetic predisposition, age, hormonal factors, inflammation, or injury can all result in hyperpigmentation. From sunspots to scarring, the appearance on the skin surface can appear dull, uneven, or rough. A skin analysis at PURE, can be an opportunity to discuss treatment options and concerns for patients. Treatments targeted for these individual issues can result in dewy, glowing, and healthy skin.

Of course if a spot changes size, shape, color, itches, or bleeds, it is recommended to have a dermatologist evaluate it prior to treatment.

Skin analysis

Restoration of skin elasticity

Through the aging process our skin can lose elasticity and firmness. As a result of the loss of elastic tissue (elastin) and collagen, skin can have excessive laxity. Since these substances are responsible for giving skin its firmness and structure a deficiency in them can result in a double chin, deep wrinkles, under eye bags, heavy or drooping eyelids, jowlsand nasolabial folds.

The most popular methods of stimulating collagen production and improving the elasticity of the facial skin are the insertion of Polylactic threads into the skin, injections of hyaluronic acid and micro needling.

Removal of post-acne scars on the face

Post-acne scars are difficult to remove and no treatment is universal. Depending on the skin analyses, diagnosis, treatment is prescribed individually, but the most effective method is Microneedling with PRP.

Cellulite treatment stamford

Facial cellulite treatment

Small fat deposits can accumulate around our face as a result of diet and/or genetics. When a stubborn area will not go away despite weight loss, there are aesthetic options to remove these areas. Kybella can be injected into areas like sub-mental fat accumulation (aka a double chin) and will permanently dissolve the fat cells. Cavitation is another facial treatment which can eliminate cellulite, tighten skin and promote collagen production.

Cellulite on the face is a possible hair follicle infection or skin-deep layers infections caused by a break in the skin, such as a cut or scratch that can allow bacteria to penetrate under the skin or if a pimple (sebaceous gland) is infected.

Our aestheticians will complete a thorough skin analysis, make recommendations, and provide therapeutic treatments. These consultations are designed for a comprehensive individual approach and are free of charge whether in person or virtually.

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