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Hair removal stamford

Removing unwanted hair temporarily can be time consuming, painful and costly. IPL hair removal is a permanent hair removal method offered at PURE Medical Aesthetic.

Using a broad spectrum of light with multiple wavelengths, hair follicles are heated and regrowth is prevented, ideal for dark, course hair! Since the IPL is only targeting the pigment in the follicle, it is safe for all skin types, as long as there is a contrast between the hair and skin color. Since IPL penetrates down to the second layer of your skin without harming the top layer, it doesn’t damage to your skin. Treatments are efficient, virtually painless and cost effective. IPL is FDA-approved and is more comfortable than traditional lasers, electrolysis, or waxing – a quick to way to get lasting results.

For IPL hair removal in Stamford or Norwalk, the team at PURE Medical Aesthetics offers free consultations to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment. We offer packages when multiple areas are treated and discuss different options available.

Hair removal norwalk

Prior to your first treatment, information will be provided on how you should get ready for your hair removal session. Included are instructions as to certain foods and medications to avoid, how to prep the area, and how often sessions should be performed. We prioritize individualized treatment plans for our clients in order to get optimal results.

With the most advanced intense pulsed light hair removal technology we strive for the best results possible for our clients. Results typically take 6 – 8 treatments, but can vary based on hair thickness, color and quantity. During your initial consultation we will discuss treatment duration, costs and expectations.

Areas that can be treated

Women and men perform laser hair removal on the face: beard, chin, the base of the beard, face, neck, frown, upper lip, chin, nose, neck, ears, jaws, and sideburns.

On the body, these are the abdomen, hands, armpits, arms, fingers, back, buttocks, shoulders, bikini (Brazilian too), lower back, legs, feet and chest.

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