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One of the most challenging aspects of our legs is minimizing the varicose veins that can develop, also known as spider veins.

The professionally trained aestheticians of the PURE medical aesthetics clinic have been successfully practicing spider vein removal in Stamford helping clients feel confident wearing shorts again!

The nature of microvaricosis

Spider veins are dilated capillaries in skin surface layers. They can trigger not only medical issues but are also unsightly from an aesthetics standpoint.

Types of superficial varicose veins

  • Angiomas or ruby points
    Congenital malformations of various sizes can appear anywhere on the body.
  • Telangiectasia
    Dilation of small blood vessels on the skin surface usually appears on a face and legs.
  • Vascular spiders
    They are red and are usually found and visible under the skin upper layers of a face and legs.

Cosmetic varicose veins treatment

There are several methods of spider vein removal, depending on the diagnosis and, accordingly, on the type of cosmetic varicose veins:

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Vascular laser

The laser enters a vein through the skin and, without affecting the intermediate tissues, acts on it with cauterization. Veins are closed and blood circulation is established in healthy veins. The vascular laser is effective for spider vein removal on all body areas.


Treatment consists of injecting a substance into the affected veins, which irritates the vessel and causes their walls to collapse. Subsequently, the vein undergoes fibrosis and retraction and is reabsorbed by the body. This method is inexpensive, with minimal discomfort and highly effective.

For extreme cases of varicosities, sclerotherapy in combination with the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser for the smallest spider vein removal can be effective. After completing a course of injections of Asclera, the therapeutic effect is enhanced by the use of an IPL laser.

Healing procedures

Treatment usually takes 4 – 6 treatments and after the first session of sclerotherapy, sessions (30-45 minutes) are repeated after 2-4 weeks. For the first 24 hours after each sclerotherapy procedure, it is necessary to wear compression stockings, which will be provided free of charge by our clinic.

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