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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Treatment

Intense pulsed light is a non-aggressive medical treatment method for facial skin rejuvenation with minimum downtime. IPL improves the marks developed from aging, stress, or sun exposure.

The device emits a wide band of light with a variable wavelength that treats facial skin imperfections, depending on the type of pigmentation. IPL stimulates the production of collagen, notably improving the appearance and texture of the treated area by acting in the deeper layers of the skin.

The treatment gradually increases collagen, leaving the skin even, toned and smoothed. IPL in Stamford or Norwalk can be found at Pure Medical Aesthetics where treatments are designed to improve or eliminate:

  • Brown spots on the face, décolleté, chest, hands and arms
  • Spider veins, rosacea, and erythema
  • Post-acne scars
  • Fine lines and aging skin
  • Breakouts and acne

Treatment Results

The results are visible several days after the first session when skin spots and redness begin to disappear. For optimal results, three initial sessions are usually done one month apart and, subsequently, one or two maintenance sessions a year. Check with our aestheticians about current session offers and promotions.


Indications for treatment

The procedure is performed on clean skin without makeup and not after recently tanning or sun exposure. Patients should avoid direct sun for fifteen days before and after each session, using daily sunscreen. As a result, IPL treatments are typically done before or after the summer season.

Since this is a painless treatment, an anesthetic cream is usually not used, however it can be applied if a patient is hypersensitive to the treatment procedure.

Sessions last about 30 minutes and recovery occurs immediately. Slight redness, peeling, and darkening of the spots may appear in the treated area, which will disappear in a few days.

Complex treatment

To optimize the results against photoaging, we recommend complex IPL treatment, as several imperfections are processed at the same time, providing excellent results. Complex treatment usually requires 1-3 sessions. First, we remove small vascular lesions or age spots and improve the overall appearance of the surface layer of the skin.

Then,acting on the deepest layers of the skin, collagen and elastin are produced, thereby improving its elasticity and firmness. We finalize the treatment session with the application of a regenerating cream, which we recommend continuing to use at home as cosmetic skincare.

After complex IPL treatment, especially if it was intense, redness and slight inflammation may appear on the treated area. Such side effects will disappear after a few days. A slight, barely noticeable temporal peeling may appear in the following days, which can be easily masked with makeup. It is important to further maintain good hydration of the skin and protect it from sun damage with sunscreen.

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