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Brow Design

Brow Design

Eyebrows, being one of the most distinctive features of every person represent a real “battlefield” for their care since most people do not have the time and knowledge necessary to shape them.

Brow specialists at PURE Medical Aesthetics are experts inbrow design in Stamford. A brow assessment is conducted and recommendations for the best treatment for each patient is established.

Aesthetic, non-invasive eyebrow treatments using waxing and threading methods are performed quickly using sterile materials. This effect lasts serval weeks depending on the rate of hair growth.

A brow design

A brow design provides for giving the eyebrows a certain shape, volume, and uniform thickness (3D-technique) with the correction of small defects in a natural way.

As a preliminary step, the clinic’s specialist introduces the client to the catalog of brow designs that optimally match her facial features. Then a choice is made of the version that is best for the features of the face.

At the visit, the brow specialist will thoroughly clean the area from traces of makeup and dirt. A preliminary brow design gives the client an idea of the final result of the treatment.

After applying the soothing cream, contour lines are drawn around the treated area. The brow areas are then cleaned again and soothing cream is applied within the contour line.

Brow Design


Waxing is a classic eyebrow hair removal method suitable for removing all skin types and gives beautiful results for several weeks. In this procedure, warm wax is thinly applied with a wooden spatula to the hairs which are to be removed and then the paper is swiftly pulled away.

Waxing provides a method to achieve any brow design. A professional approach makes the procedure more gentle and painless, relieving irritation and restoring the skin after the treatment.

Threading method

Hair removal on the face and eyebrows with thread is apopular technique originating in Asia. A thread which is coated with anti-bacterial wax is twisted, creating a mini-lasso. This is able to remove the hairs quickly and directly from the follicles.

Threading is ideal for sensitive, allergic or damaged skin:

  • Hair is removed from the roots, which weakens and slows down their growth. When the hair grows back, it becomes weaker and thinner
  • Ideal for eyebrow design thanks to the precision and clarity of coverage
  • Does not stretch the skin, therefore, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and sagging
  • The exfoliating effect smooths out existing wrinkles
  • Faster and less painful than other methods


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